19 05, 2019

Loser (noun): a person who does not fear failure, embraces failure and fails faster

2019-08-01T13:50:00+03:00Ideas|0 Comments

Which failure should we not fear, but embrace? Failure to produce safe products? Failure to respect other cultures and races? Failure to pay the mortgage or feed our children? Clearly, we must manage our fear to prevent it paralysing us or preventing innovation. But we should fear failure in our meaningful endeavours because [...]

4 04, 2019

Now is Your Time

2019-05-19T10:48:49+03:00Ideas|0 Comments

So here we all are: young, beautiful and surrounded by opportunity. A wonderful, and temporary, position to find ourselves in. You're not feeling young and beautiful? None of us will ever again be as young and beautiful as we are today! Now is your time. As for opportunity, working life in a [...]

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