Jim Lawless

‘No Fear’: a fun brand for hats, keyrings and sugary drinks. It is highly dangerous at 100m under the sea, on a rockface, in a cockpit or leading a team or organisation.

‘Fearless’: a symptom of a serious neurological disorder or injury. Disregard for the consequences of one’s actions is a symptom of a psychological disorder.

‘Know Fear’: a learnable skill which is vital if we are to make the ability to do necessary new, untested, risk-bearing activities a basic professional requirement to become agile in an era of rapid transformation.

‘Know Fear’ requires courage, vulnerability, humility, self-knowledge, careful planning and diligent skill acquisition.

To ‘Know Fear’ requires us to study (in order to rise above) our human Fear Algorithm systems to assess intelligently the possible risks and the rewards of a course of action and, having decided to proceed, to understand and manage the human process of fear and the risks of error – usually in collaboration with others – in order to execute the plan.