Jim Lawless

Which failure should we not fear, but embrace?

Failure to produce safe products? Failure to respect other cultures and races? Failure to pay the mortgage or feed our children?

Clearly, we must manage our fear to prevent it paralysing us or preventing innovation. But we should fear failure in our meaningful endeavours because fear is very helpful.


Fear directs emotion.

Emotion directs and heightens our attention and action.

Fear of failure helps us care, prioritise, prepare well, recognise our weaker areas, seek expert assistance and WIN.

Fear of failure also means that we must innovate and progress – or we will surely lose in the long term. Innovation will bring mistakes as we learn. Ensuring the consequences of those mistakes are acceptable and then trying to avoid them is part of the task.

“Don’t Fear Mistakes that Prevent you Failing!”

That is the mantra – but the alliteration isn’t there so it will never catch on…

Which is great news for the rest of us who prefer to win!