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“Inspired by the Lawless touch.”

“Your presentation was the highlight of our conference.”

“Challenging – a turning point for our executive team.”

“Thought provoking & extremely relevant to our business.”

“Captivating – Inspiring – Thought Provoking”

“Great story & tips from a great speaker!”


“You’re the most talked about agenda item!”

“Made the teams challenge themselves.”

“Spot on!”

“Flawless and Excellent”

“A burst of energy!”

“Life changing experience!”

“Thought provoking.”


“Jim is THE person you need to introduce creative, out of the box thinking.”

“Over exceeded all our expectations”

“Jim makes a difference when he speaks.”

“The whole team is buzzing with enthusiasm.”

“You’re making an amazing impact to the world!”

“Love it!”

“Feedback from delegates: Outstanding!”

“The audience loved it!”

Academy for Chief Executives
Air France
Alliance Leicester
Astra Zeneca
Avoca Group
Badminton England
Baker Tilly
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
Bearing Point
Benchmark for Business
Best Western
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bright Futures
British Equestrian Federation
British Gas
British Telecom
Brook Street
Canada Life
Chase de Vere
Crowe UK
Dairy Farmers of Britain
De Beers
DLA Piper
DP World
easy Jet
EMG Motor Group
Ernst & Young
Fidelity International
Gain Capital
GE Money
Holmes Place
Integra Life Sciences
John Lewis
Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan
Lafarge Tarmac
Lloyds Bank
London 2012
London Business Forum
Marks & Spencer
Morgan Stanley
P&G Prestige
Procter & Gamble
Regis Group
Royal Bank of Scotland
Royal London
Royal Mail
Standard Bank
Swiss Economic Forum
Swiss Export
Swiss Olympic
Thales Group
The Future Leaders Trust
The Metropolitan Police
Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Holidays
Virgin Media Business
Warwick Business School
Xellia Pharmaceuticals


“It exceeded my expectations in so many ways and I wanted to let you know that the unsolicited feedback from participants has been resoundingly positive. A standing ovation is not given lightly by our European Leadership Team – a true testament to the value you brought to our conference and I’m confident that we are ready as a team to both tame and unleash our inner tigers.”

Sinead Collins
HR Director European Cereal & Marketing, KELLOG’S

“Jim spoke at our annual partner event in 2006. I was truly impressed with Jim‘s impact and style. His speech was motivational and inspirational in many ways. Our partners and employees commended us for having Jim share his thoughts and experience at our event.”

Ali Faramawy
Area Vice President, Microsoft Middle East & Africa, Vice President, MICROSOFT International

“Working with Jim proved to be challenging and a turning point for our Exec team. It allowed us to step back and examine how we were operating as a team and create a team agreement around how we would step up together.”

Ursula Morgenstern
CEO, ATOS UK and Ireland

“We at Apple pride ourselves in thinking differently, that is why we work in partnership with Jim. Our big conference pitches and our key sales presentations have both been inspired by the Lawless touch.”

Human Resources Director

“Being able to bring an entire national dealer network together is quite a challenge, but Jim delivered. He brought his story of taming his own tigers to our network and got them fired up with the belief, confidence and tools to exceed their targets. Great story and great tips from a great speaker.”

Jon Williams
Head of Training, FIAT

“Jim really understood the brief for our meeting and delivered an inspirational session to really make the teams challenge themselves and believe they can successfully hit their targets. Jim’s approach was certainly new and entertaining, and the theories aligned well to our priorities.”

Shamin Shah
Allergy Brand Manager GLAXOSMITHKLINE

“Inspiring and motivating. An entertaining and powerful speech.”

Maria Sebastian
Director of Worldwide Sales & Marketing, VIRGIN ATLANTIC

“Jim carries all the credibility of a man who has put his money where his mouth is and personally demonstrated the power of his approach. He’s made an art of boiling down the process of making change happen to some simple, easy-to-buy rules that deal with people’s fears, recognise the human nature and motivates us to be courageous in penning the story of our lives. Jim makes a difference when he speaks.”

Tom Denyard
Global Strategy Director, Personal Care, UNILEVER

“Jim was truly inspiring on the day. He had the audience memorised with his fantastic story telling – you could hear a pin drop. The subsequent feedback from delegates has been outstanding.”

John Pitts
Training Manager, VOLVO

“Many thanks for your presentation at our Business Kick-Off Event. The day was a huge success and the feedback has been excellent. The whole team are buzzing with enthusiasm.”

Mark Heraghty

“Jim was a whirlwind of energy at a recent conference I staged for the 1000+ people who work in the Trading function at John Lewis. I was so pleased to have him in the lineup and he added a great independent voice that was highly tailored to the situation and audience. He picked up the thread perfectly for what we were trying to achieve on the day and gave everyone a lift. His message really energised the group and gave us much to reflect on. Both his inspirational individual stories (which are delivered with terrific humour and audience participation) and also his framing of the challenges ahead for business and society felt like they were personalised for us and it really felt like he knew us and was personally invested in our future. He has insight into both business, society and the human challenges of the digital age. There was amazingly positive feedback from our delegates and I would highly recommend Jim as a speaker.”

Ed Connolly
Strategy Director and Director of JLP Ventures, JOHN LEWIS PARTNERSHIP

“So delighted that you joined our Half Year Sales Conference today. If 20% of people left committing to do something BOLD in pursuit of our goal it will make a HUGE difference to our sales performance in H2. And that will be down to YOU Taming the TIGERS and charting the path to success. Its simple. But it starts with ACTION. Which is what YOU laid out today. BRILLIANT. BRILLIANT. BRILLIANT. I hope not everyone has discovered your SECRET, because we will TAME the TIGER before they even spot it. Delighted for us. Proud of you. WOW!”

Michele Metcalfe
Regional Chair Wales & West Midlands, VODAFONE

“Jim’s enthusiasm, humour and vigour exactly complemented the mood of our event.”

Martin Allison

“Jim is great at showing two things. One, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Two, the key to delivering this is to ‘act now’ on the difficult but necessary tasks. He does this in an entertaining and engaging manner”.

Rob Fleming
Market Strategy and Planning Manager, PROCTER & GAMBLE

“Jim Lawless related Taming the Tiger to our current situation – an organisation going through massive change – with wit, enthusiasm and challenge.”

Isabel Nisbet
Acting Chief Executive, OFQUAL

“I have worked with Jim on stage at three high-profile Barclaycard leaders’ conferences. Not only is he engaging, challenging, inspiring and very funny but he delivers a practical, compelling model for achieving results which he has risked his life on the racecourse to prove.”

Gary Hoffman
Group Vice Chairman, BARCLAYS BANK

“I was really pleased to hear people days later still talking about Jim’s presentation – great fun at the time but clearly a more lasting message that hits home.”


“Jim is an excellent and engaging speaker, who got immediate rapport with the audience, and managed to transcend his personal story to motivate and inspire a group of very different people from varied cultural backgrounds.”


“I cannot overestimate the positive impact Jim had at a time when we needed it most.”

Andy Blackett
Senior Buying Manager, TESCO

“Jim made a tremendously positive and inspiring impact – exactly what was needed!”

Nick Pounder
Associate Director, Human Resources, GILEAD

“’Act Boldly’ is now part of the team’s vocabulary to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. The audiences in Palm Springs, CA and in Miami, FL were captivated by Taming Tigers and Jim received a standing ovation at both US events. Only a few speakers or messages ever break thru and have a lasting impact – this is definitely at the top of the list. Highly engaging, memorable and one we would recommend over and over. Thank you Jim.”

Quita Highsmith
Sr. Director, GENENTECH

“We were looking for something to motivate and energise our salesforce in this challenging environment, and we had high expectations of Taming Tigers. The results were fantastic, feedback from a Questionnaire to 140 salespeople, Taming Tigers scored 75% of the audience rating the session as outstanding and 24% rating it as Excellent. These are the best scores we have ever seen either for an external or an internal speaker. The benefits are already visible just weeks after the conference.”

Nick Frazer
General Manager Business Marketing, Business Information, EXPERIAN

“After hearing Jim’s speech and learning more about Taming Tigers” on his website, I was truly inspired and started immediately to incorporate the principles learned on how to approach my work, family, and social activities. After 12 months, I have to say that it has changed my life. I have done things I wouldn’t have otherwise and most importantly accomplished things that I thought were well beyond my abilities. Everyone should hear Jim story and “Taming Tigers” principles. He delivers them in such a fun way!”

Jack Bush
Director, Global Pharmaceutical Marketing Intelligence, ALCON Laboratories INC

“I have worked with Jim on the High Potential Development Scheme for the police that I direct at Warwick University several times, and I’ve seen him work just as well with other public servants: he is consistently excellent is his ability to engage the audience and to get them to reflect on their own personal ambitions and limitations. There are not many presenters that I rate as highly as Jim.”

Keith Grint
Professor of Public Leadership & Management Institute of Governance & Public Management (IGPM) Warwick Business School, UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK

“Our work with Jim and his team has helped us to achieve a strong integration of recent acquisitions, challenge the status quo and build a platform for further transformation with a sense of belief, a sense of energy and a sense of purpose.“

Nick Walker

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your inspirational words at our HR conference – you created a real buzz and thought provoking session for everyone. I emailed the team today asking them to send me any bold ideas that can help with taming tigers and will let you know!!”

Steve Izquierdo
Head of HR, UK and Ireland, PEPSICO

“BP invited Jim Lawless to our North Sea Finance conference this year. The company (and the finance team in particular) are going through significant change and we also wanted to get an external perspective on how to handle this. Jim’s presentation was lively, thought provoking and extremely relevant to our business. It made everyone realise they don’t have to ask permission to change as its all entirely within our control – provided you can tame your own tiger!”

Andy Hessell

“Captivating! A great way to end the conference – on an inspiring and thought provoking high note which appealed ‘personally’ as well as to the business.”

Dan Beanland
Partner, Deloitte

Jim Lawless is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers and a pioneer in the fields of change and performance shift. He has inspired and empowered over half a million people on five continents.

What differentiates him, besides having proven his highly effective methodology personally, is his immense personal 1-1 connectivity with people in audiences of all sizes.

He brings passion, energy, interactivity and amusing elements to the stage creating an engagement that transforms mindsets with ease.

Author of the bestselling ‘Taming Tigers’ (Random House), Jim has taught the skill of change in Fortune 500 companies, Olympic and Paralympic teams, business schools and government for two decades.

In Taming Tigers Jim elaborates on how to use his highly practical rules to overcome your fears and do things you never thought you could – in both your professional and private life. Reinforced with case studies and Jim’s experience of grabbing his own Tiger by the tail!

Your people’s ability to deliver a fast, agile, courageous response to disruption (whether you’re making it or responding to it) is mission critical.

Successful teams create the clarity, cohesion and consistency to deliver bold change at pace. To do that, a new mindset and infrastructure must be consciously constructed by its members.

Jim’s unique team coaching process and the team contract it produces have enabled senior teams around the world to build that mindset and infrastructure and deliver the transformation.

Join Jim’s community of those passionate about bold, fast change.

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I am being approached all the time with new ideas and challenges from those who heard you speak … I love it!

John Rawlins

Head of Commercial Strategy & Planning, Vodafone


Jim Lawless is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers, a pioneer in the fields of change and performance shift and author of the bestselling ‘Taming Tigers’ (Random House).

Join Jim’s community of those passionate about bold, fast change.

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I am being approached all the time with new ideas and challenges from those who heard you speak … I love it!

John Rawlins

Head of Commercial Strategy & Planning, Vodafone