Jim Lawless

Most of us don’t ever try to achieve the things that we really want to achieve. Instead, we tell ourselves a story that people like us can’t ever achieve things like that.

It’s a story if there is no hard evidence that it is true – just a feeling (and a lot of talking). It’s just a story if we could not defend the “reason” credibly in an interview with a tough journalist.

Success is not guaranteed, of course. There would be risk and effort required. But what is the risk in not trying, of living in fiction rather than reality?

In the film below I explain further what I mean by this and give some personal examples of the stories that I’ve told myself to avoid facing reality – and the Tiger’s roar. This is the concept that I describe as “The Rulebook” in Rule 2 of The Ten Rules for Taming Tigers.

What if you worked out which of your “reasons” were just made up stories? What would 2019 look like then?

Make 2019 your year!